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We are back with another insane black ice pass update for you lucky guys. This time we have Tony Sweets and she is in a playful mood from the looks of it. She was walking around the house the other day and she noticed her hot new neighbor checking her up and he seemed kind of cute, even cuter than she remembered. So something had to be done about that. She went into her room and put on her sexy pink swim suit and started teasing him. Tony had such a good time doing that, just looking at him stare at her amazing curves. At he was in for a treat as well. She has this amazing body, delicious curves, big tits and a fine ass.

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In this latest black ice xxx we have another slutty ebony chick getting her holes fucked one by one. The bored housewife noticed this new guy moving in their hood and thought she should go over to his place and introduce herself. Well, needless to say, that everything went way better than expected and she ended up getting fucked by the black stud. He invited her in and offered her a tour of his new house and once they got in the bedroom he started hitting at her and she isn’t one to say no too often. The horny housewife ended up getting her mouth, pussy and big ass roughly fucked by her ripped new neighbor on his first day there. We think they are going to get along pretty well. Wanna see other hot ladies sucking cocks? If you do, enter the zoliboy site and see some kinky ladies sucking cocks and getting their tight holes fisted!


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The black xxx pics are here. In today’s black ice pass update, we have a smoking hot ebony getting fucked by her man’s best friend. The curvy ebony just found out that he cheated and of course she wanted to get back at him before dumping his sorry ass. She knew that hooking up with one of his friends is the best way to do it and she went after his best friend. During the time they spent together she noticed that some of the guys were checking her out and his bestie was one of them. So the other day while her man was at work she called him over to help her with some things around the house. She didn’t bother to explain something to him, she just did what she knows best and that’s sucking off his big black dick. In the end, she had a nice cumshot surprise. Enjoy! Stay tuned, we have a lot of surprises for you!


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We have one of the best scenes from here for you lucky guys. You must see these ebony chicks taking turns on sucking dicks and getting fucked. Don’t you just love when at these bachelorette parties things go overboard? We sure do! The ebony hotties threw one of their friends a little party before her big day and things went way better than expected. Like any other bachelorette party, they had strippers and they made sure everyone got one, cause like the chicks from I know that girl videos, these ladies are some really sex addicts! The night of the party was there and after the guys stripped, one of them took it the extra mile and started sucking off his dick. After so many glasses the soon-to-be-bride was the next in line and in no time everyone was sucking and fucking all over the room.

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BlackIcePass com is back with more hardcore ebony sex scenes! There is no such thing as a free ride and this chick found out the hard way. The hot chick got fucked on her way to one of her friends. She was running late to get to her friend’s birthday so she thought that a car would get her there faster. Well, she didn’t have any money and no one took her until these guys stopped. She told them up front that she’s broke, but that guys didn’t seem to care. Once she got into the car she noticed that on of the guys, the hotter one, couldn’t stop staring at her. He got closer and closer and touchier and after he took her t-shirt it didn’t take him too long to bang her too. F0r similar content, enter the fucked and bound site and see some kinky ladies getting their holes stuffed by big tools! Enjoy this exclusive black ice pass update!


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In this update from black ice, we have gorgeous Nyomi Banxxx showing us how things should be done. The curvy ebony loves getting fucked on camera and she just sent us her latest update. Nyomi got to know her new business partner way better that either of them hopped to. They had to meet with some clients and ended up spending an entire week sharing the same house. At first, they were pretty shy but as time flew by they got more and more comfortable with one another. In their last night there they when out to celebrate and they got home in the best mood possible. He tried his luck and it worked because he got to fuck the gorgeous Nyomi. Like the hot babes from the nurunetwork blog, this booty babe definitely knows how to handle a big fat cock! See you next time with more!

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